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Everybody needs a little help once in a while. Some days everything seems to work out just fine and other days a little something extra is all one needs to get the job done. For old folks it might be a dietary supplement that puts them right. For house paints, there is a world of […]

It is cold out there!

O-Gee Paint is based in Miami and there has been a record streak of cold weather down here that is getting some attention. Last year it was cold for a day. I see on the news the white weather everyone else is having to deal with and offer my sincerest regards. Being cooped up in […]

Spray Latex Paint

Spraying with a cup gun used to be limited to solvent base coatings such as alkyds and lacquers and these are still the easiest to apply. But people are moving away from solvent based finishes and waterbase products are becoming more and more prevalent. Latex finishes can be sprayed from a conventional cup gun with […]