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Super Hydrophobic Coatings

8/13/13 – NEWS – We should have access to this product in aerosol cans kits in the coming weeks! It will be 2 cans in the package consisting of the first and second coatings. Price to be determined.

As a coatings professional I’m always on the lookout for new things. Water repellents aren’t new but super repellency is and it is pretty cool to watch. We have paint sprayers that just get completely fouled with paint that might benefit from something like this to keep their parts clean. It is translucent so it can’t be used on windows and other surfaces where clarity is important. I wouldn’t put it on a drop-cloth!

This is amazing stuff – expensive but amazing. After seeing this I thought of about 50 uses immediately for it. They show off gloves and shoes and even a concrete pour ramp in the video.

Think of this for

  • paint trays
  • exterior of paint sprayers
  • inside paint cups on spray guns
  • filters
  • bed liners
  • wheel barrows
  • speedboat hulls
  • airplane wings
  • camping tents, ponchos, umbrellas
  • hoppers of all kinds

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