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Smark – The Smart Dry Erase Paint

Unleash your creativity and run wild with Smark! Dry Erase Paint. Smark! is an easy to apply clear finish that can be put over almost any surface to allow it to be written on with dry erase markers. Smark! is non-yellowing and UV resistant so it protects surfaces from fading and chalking, too.

Apply Smark! over walls, desktops or other hard surfaces in conference rooms, schools, idea rooms and other creative spaces allowing the ability to shares ideas quickly with peers. Use it to leave reminders and messages or express your creativity during meetings.

Available in 3 kit sizes 50, 100 and 200 square foot coverage amounts including a special roller and mixing stick to blend the 2 components. You’ll also need some additional tools including paint brush, gloves, roller frame, masking tap and sanding block. You can watch the how to video HERE

Smark! 100 sq ft kit

Smark! Dry Erase Paint comes in 3 sizes.

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