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Room for Colors 2009

I added some links on the bottom right of the page here under the header of wysiwyg – that’s geek speek for “what you see is what you get” – linking to some interesting home design sites. One is a home decorating network called “apartment therapy” and they incorporate several blogs that encompass a number of different elements. Apartment Therapy is sponsoring Room for Color 2009 their Fifth Annual Color Contest. I found out about it late as the deadline for entries is October 12 but I think we can all enjoy the pictures, anyways. And you can vote for your favorites until 10/29.

The entries are divided into North, South, East, West and International groupings. The entries sometimes have the colors used and sometimes not. Most have some information about their inspiration for choosing the color in the homes. It is kind of like paging through a design magazine or furniture catalog but assembled using real people’s homes. The pages are filled with links to other peoples homes and private spaces. Sometimes glaring, sometimes subtle, many colors become very evident in non-paint items. Fabrics, brick, stone, metals and wood all exert their color and texture to the impression of the rooms. Artworks also play a decisive role in color selections.

Give it a visit and if there are some decorating sites you think other folks would like put on o comment and we might just add them to the list.

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