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Paints and Coatings

We carry interior paints to brighten up your living spaces or to give a certain mood or brand message within commercial spaces. We also have exterior paint that include paint specially made for the outside of a front door. Before applying a paint, we have a selection of primers are the foundation for your finish coats. They are important and are selected for their various properties such as stain blocking, rust inhibition, alkali resistance, adhesion to specific surfaces, or waterproofing. We offer floor paint, enamels, wood finishes and more. We carry high quality and reputable brands, like Fine Paints of Europe and Benjamin Moore.


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When painting, there are many tools involved that apply paint for different finishes or uses. Brushes are typically sorted out by their bristle or filament and then by handle style and size. We carry high quality brands of brushes that will last long and create a smoother finish. We have rollers and their poles, frames, trays, buckets, and grids. There are standard 9" rollers as well as mini-rollers and their accessories. After the paint job is done, we offer accessories that will help you clean up faster and make your new tools last longer.


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Faux Finishes

Faux finishes open up the door to possibilities when it comes to decorating and painting your wall. O-Gee Paint carry the paints and tools to create the appearance of metallic, wood grains, chalk, and various unique textures.


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Wallpaper is back in style and O-Gee Paint is here to answer any questions and concerns concerning applying wallpaper to your walls. We have a big book selection and all the tools to go with hanging or removing wallpapers. Our wallpaper tools include seam rollers, seam buster double cutters and blades, pasting and smoothing brushes, shears and snap off knives.


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We carry trusted brands like: Festool's power drills, dust extractors, planers, routers, saws, and polishes, Graco's paint sprayers and pressure washers, Titan's airless and gas-powered sprayers, and more. We even sell repair parts for tools by Festool, Graco and Titan. Get your paint, accessories and home-improvement tools at O-Gee Paint.


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Our sundries include adhesives, cleaners and rags, caulk and patching, tape and masking, paint removers/thinners, and more.


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