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Make Spray Cans Any Color

Touch ups are now easier than ever! Use your same paint, stain, primer varnish, or enamel right out of a custom spray can. No need for expensive spray machines that need cleaning and maintenance. No mixing in solvents and poring into tiny jars so they can clog. completely portable in one hand with no hoses or power cords. We can fill lacquer, oil or water base paints including flat, eggshell, gloss and metallic finishes.

At our Bird Road location we can now fill spray cans in any color or sheen with our new ALLPRO spray can filling station. We can make as many as you need directly from the paints you are using now.

Easily spray bonding primers for small spot priming. Spray apply quick dry varnish without brush strokes onto complex shapes or feather out stains for blending into existing finishes. Spray window frames exactly like the walls. Perfect for small projects and punch-out.

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