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The Wall of Festool

Come to O-Gee Paint for Festool. As a paint store we stock their amazing dust-free sanders plus all the adapters, pads and sandpapers. To be dust free means having each of the vacuum extractors, of course. But we also keep on hand many of their other tools including circular saws, tracks, drills, jigsaws, and joiners. We also keep a supply of filter bags, hoses, domino biscuits, saw blades and drill bits. There is much more to see here as well.

Festool has sanders for every need and sandpaper that ranges from 24 to 4000 and polishing materials to take your finish to an ultra-high gloss with up to an 11000 grit polishing compound.

Made in Germany, Festool tools are high precision and superb quality for the woodworker who expects the utmost in performance and control. The Festool System connect all their tools to dust extraction for unprecedented cleanliness while working. All the tools and batteries are backed by a 3-Year warranty and come with 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

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