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Cutek Extreme is Good for Wood

Cutek Extreme is a clear synthetic High Performance Wood Oil manufactured in Australia and now imported to the USA. It has proven itself for over 30 years in Australia as an excellent wood stabilizer and preservative as well as a decorative stain. Based on copper technology, Cutek Extreme offers enhanced protection on all exterior […]

New Tools for December Festool TXS Drill & Installer Set

Festool is coming out with some new tools this December. Included is the new TXS compact 10.8v drill driver and a limited time Centrotec installer kit. Like the CXS drill and all Festool products, the quality is top notch. The TXS drill is a new iteration of their CXS drill with a traditional T […]

Breathing Dust?

From PAINTSQUARE comes this news about OSHA’s Proposed Rule on Occupational Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica. Silicosis is a disease that affect the lungs of workers exposed to crystalline silica such as construction workers and drywall finishers. If you have a construction company that sands drywall or cuts into masonry materials, chances are there is […]

Introducing Festool

Whereas some tools have a place for a vacuum port, they all seem to be attached as an afterthought. […]

Roller Squeegee Speeds Clean Up

Every once in a while comes a good idea. This company, Obvious Solutions has come out with a good idea. This Youtube video shows off their Roller Squeegee that makes cleanup faster and less wasteful. Simple and looks like it’ll never wear out the Roller Squeegee will save your time and rollers. You can […]

Ben Moore Releases Color Capture 3.1 for iOS




Titan’s New 2-in-1 TR2 Spray Tip

Have you seen this new tip? Titan has put 2 tips in one barrel to create a dual purpose spray pattern that the user can switch back and forth for broad or narrow fan patterns. This video shows the tip in use. We are thinking about getting some but I want user opinions


Titan Wraps It All in Red

Big and small changes in painting equipment are coming from TITAN this year. They have followed the advice of consolidating their multitude of companies and products labeling them all in red TITAN wrappers. The new literature shows off a company that has a full and complete line of products.

XT Homeowner airless spray rigs […]

Graco Announces 2010 Advancements

Graco has come out with a list of their updates to the contractor equipment. They have added some new features to their larger to create a  PREMIUM  line up. The new Premium line includes:

Ultra® Max II 695/795/1095/1595 GMAX™ II 3900/5900/7900 TexSpray™ Mark IV™ & Mark V™ Premium TexSpray™ 5900HD™ & 7900HD™ Premium

These […]