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Introducing Festool

Whereas some tools have a place for a vacuum port, they all seem to be attached as an afterthought. […]

Ben Moore Releases Color Capture 3.1 for iOS

Some customer come to our paint store filled with dread and confusion about what color they are going to pick. There are thousands of colors to choose from one the rack and O-Gee’s sales men are as much Color Consultants as much as mixologists. They can help decide but what is often missing is inspiration. […]


Titan has a new contractors website out from TITAN. They have a new marketing program that will reward you with free stuff like a new TR2 tip hat or t-shirt if you register and spend some time on the site. There are videos and other static pieces with information about TITAN products. It isn’t a product […]

Titan’s New 2-in-1 TR2 Spray Tip

Have you seen this new tip? Titan has put 2 tips in one barrel to create a dual purpose spray pattern that the user can switch back and forth for broad or narrow fan patterns. This video shows the tip in use. We are thinking about getting some but I want user opinions

Questions […]

Titan Wraps It All in Red

Big and small changes in painting equipment are coming from TITAN this year. They have followed the advice of consolidating their multitude of companies and products labeling them all in red TITAN wrappers. The new literature shows off a company that has a full and complete line of products.

XT Homeowner airless spray rigs IMPACT […]

Graco Announces 2010 Advancements

Graco has come out with a list of their updates to the contractor equipment. They have added some new features to their larger to create a  PREMIUM  line up. The new Premium line includes:

Ultra® Max II 695/795/1095/1595 GMAX™ II 3900/5900/7900 TexSpray™ Mark IV™ & Mark V™ Premium TexSpray™ 5900HD™ & 7900HD™ Premium

These new […]

Get Graco’s The Primer

A good spray pattern indicates that the paint or coating is completely atomized and distributed evenly on the surface. Several techniques help determine the quality of the spray pattern and the quality of the finish. • Adjusting the pressure • Aiming of the spray pattern • Movement of the spray gun The following techniques ensure a long-lasting quality finish. Adjusting the pressure for spraying It is best to spray at the lowest pressure that completely atomizes the coating. The pressure control should be set at a low-pressure setting and slowly increased until the paint is completely atomized. If the spray pattern has fingers or tails, then the pressure should be increased. Note: If the maximum pressure of the sprayer is not enough to achieve a good spray pattern, a spray tip with a smaller orifice should be used. To test the quality of the spray pattern, test patterns should be sprayed on scraps of cardboard or other waste material. […]

New pages for GRACO and Special Effects Texture Finishes

I have worked this past couple of weeks updating pages for the Graco 190es paint sprayer repair parts, MAGNUM ProX9 & ProX7 and the Faux Finishes Textures.

The Graco 190es has been made in several models and series. The scope of it is a little confusing but they all have been brought together one […]

Spray Latex Paint

Spraying with a cup gun used to be limited to solvent base coatings such as alkyds and lacquers and these are still the easiest to apply. But people are moving away from solvent based finishes and waterbase products are becoming more and more prevalent. Latex finishes can be sprayed from a conventional cup gun with […]