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Epoxy Floor Coating Problem Solving Guide by Simiron

Simiron, makers of RokRezPro epoxy floor coating has put together a nice guide for learning how to recognize and treat common epoxy floor issues . Download for HERE

Epoxy Floor Coating Problem Solving Guide topics include

Color Differential, Fish Eye Milky or Cloudy Coatings Orange Peel Peeling or Delamination Delamination between Coats Pinholes/Bubbling Product Settling […]

End Rot Wood Repair by System 3

Wood outdoors in in Miami needs good protection to keep it from damage. There are a lot of different ways to try to protect wood, but eventually nature takes its toll. On some pieces,  a stair tread on a deck for instance, it may be best to just replace the bad item. Some things are […]

Dad’s Easy Spray Paint Remover

With the economy as bad as it is I wonder if we’ll be seeing a move back toward keeping and restoring. The new furniture made from chipboard is sure cheap but is it worth keeping over the long run? If you are the sort that has some old pieces that need fixing up, stripping and […]


BLISTERING: Bubbles resulting from localized loss of adhesion and lifting of the paint film from the underlying surface

POSSIBLE CAUSE: – Painting a warm surface in direct sunlight. – Application of oil based or alkyd paint over a damp or wet surface. – Exposure of latex paint film to dew, high humidity, or rain […]