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Epoxy Floor Coating Problem Solving Guide by Simiron

Simiron, makers of RokRezPro epoxy floor coating has put together a nice guide for learning how to recognize and treat common epoxy floor issues . Download for HERE

Epoxy Floor Coating Problem Solving Guide topics include

Color Differential, Fish Eye Milky or Cloudy Coatings Orange Peel Peeling or Delamination Delamination between Coats Pinholes/Bubbling Product Settling […]

EPA Enforces RRP Rule

The RRP Rule is part of the federal Toxic Substances Control Act is targeted toward contractors working in buildings built before 1978. Essentially it states that contractors be trained and perform techniques to reduce potential exposure to lead.

According to an article on the EPA website the EPA announced 61 enforcement actions in 2014 that led […]

Add Your Business to Our Contractor Directory

If you have a contracting business or are involved in the painting and home improvement industry, please put your name on our directory and get a little more exposure.

Folks looking for contractors will be able to sort through the list and find just the right one to get the job done.

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Benjamin Moore Transforms Through 2013

A customer emailed me the other day with a question.

“A customer owns an all wood siding 2story house in key west he rents. I’m schedule to go and paint it. He said the paint store over there says the Regal Ext is a better paint for that area. I’m leaning on Moore Glo. In […]

A Little Information

As I write this, there is a huge winter storm raging across the mid-Atlantic and eastern seaboard states.  In Miami, this is some of the best weather for painting, cool and dry and no worries for rain. Even the bugs aren’t bad at this time of year.

I remember a while ago, a long time […]

THE NEW LEAD LAW – Free Webinar by PWC Magazine

Painting & Wallcovering Contractor Magazine has buckets of information for everyone who make painting their career choice. The have regular FREE webinars featuring  a diverse set of methods, technology and environmental concerns. If you happen to be in on a webinar you listen or ask questions directly to the host or guest expert about the […]

Happy Earth Day!


EPA Lead Laws Enforceable December 2009

—-> Clipped and pasted from HERE

Beginning in December 2008, the rule will require that contractors performing renovation, repair and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint provide to owners and occupants of child care facilities and to parents and guardians of children under age six that attend child care facilities built prior to 1978.

Read […]

What does your contract say?

We had a painter call up and ask for help with a driveway he painted a few weeks back. Seems it was beginning to blister in some areas from vapor pressure coming up from the ground below it. “What could be wrong?”, he pleaded. “I did it everything right. I used Palmolive dish soap and […]