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DIZZOLVE Paint Brush Cleaner & Conditioner

The green revolution must be turning a corner because I have seen a solvent free product that actually works at cleaning all kinds of coatings from brushes and other painting equipment. Whether you use it with oil base, shellac, lacquer, latex, or other paints, DIZZOLVE will get it out of the brush. It works quickly […]

Wintertime Ordering

Here in Miami it is easy to forget about the winter. The days are warm, the nights are warm and the only time we see any snow and ice it is on the TV. That said, we don’t have to worry much here about the effects of freezing like the rest of the country especially […]

This New Years Resolution …

…is to post more often with news and topics I think you’ll like.

breaking kinds of news from minor stuff like Ben Moore discontinuing spray cans to new product announcements problems and solutions from prep to peeling and things in between pictures!

and more as I can think of it

New Ben Moore YouTube Video

Here’s a new video from Benjamin Moore made for YouTube highlighting their new waterborne paints. A hummingbird flies through a black & white line art house filling the rooms with colors.

LenMar Lacquer Learning

This past Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Tony G and myself attended a Lacquer traing course at the Coronado paint plant in Edgewater Fl. The class was entirely focused on lacquer finishes and we were able to do some hands on spraying with a number of their excellent products. Lacquers cover a number of coating types […]

How (not) to Save Money on Paint

In Miami, more people are selecting buying their own paint for their painter or handyman to use. Here’s why.

These pictures come from a job where a 15 year professional painter who said his customer was complaining. (Professional painter in this case solely describes the fact that he does painting as a business – nothing […]

Homeowner Warning!

The slowdown in construction is causing a number of repercussions throughout the rest of the economy. As the flippers try to get out of their contracts the money flow is drying up and construction is stopping. This means that soon the laborers that were working these sites will be looking for work and they’ll be […]

BM’s Job Cost Estimator

Benjamin Moore’s Job Cost Estimator is a job tool formulated to help the residential contractor provide an accurate quote based on actual costs and desired profit, not just a look-about dollar amount. In today’s competitive business world, it is important to factor in your actual fixed and variable costs such as overhead, labor, equipment, […]

Confession of a salesguy

So this customer walks in the store with a sample to be matched in deck stain. It is a beige and we represent company “C” who made the sample. Another salesguy gets the customer and starts making the color. I’m standing there doing what I have to do and he asks me for advice on […]