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It is cold out there!

O-Gee Paint is based in Miami and there has been a record streak of cold weather down here that is getting some attention. Last year it was cold for a day. I see on the news the white weather everyone else is having to deal with and offer my sincerest regards. Being cooped up in […]

Extending Waterbase Paints Dry Times

When I’m spraying latex paints through my cup gun I find I often need to reduce the viscosity. Using water isn’t good because the paint usually begins to lose integrity just as it achieves the flow I desire. Instead I add small amounts of a thin water-base liquid such as clear varnish or masonry water-proofer […]

Waterborne Ceiling Paint

Specifically formulated for ceilings, Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint is ultra-flat — the flattest finish Benjamin Moore offers — hiding common ceiling problems for a look that is virtually flawless. Waterborne Ceiling Paint is available in any color, is spatter resistant, and has ample open-time to ensure every interior paint job is outstanding, from top […]

Natura All Colors – No V.O.Cs

Benjamin Moore’s waterborne tinting technology is the foundation to their newest lines of paints. Topping this list is NATURA a V.O.C. free paint that keeps it’s 0% rating even in the deepest of colors. Previous tinting systems added V.O.C. compounds to the paint along with the tint when making colors. Light color didn’t add enough […]

Natura Featured on THIS OLD HOUSE

Benjamin Moore’s newest VOC free paint has been given a little blurb on the This Old House web site. Click here to view the full article

Benjamin Moore’s Online Color Deck

We have had lots of people ask us about selecting paint colors and wondering where they can see them online. Benjamin Moore has recently made available a Virtual Fan Deck that encompasses their 9 different color collections including Affinity, a collection made just for the Aura line of paints, Presented just like the virtual fan […]

AURA Demonstrations on YouTube

Have you seen AURA paint by Benjamin Moore? Have you seen some of the reports from consumers and customers about AURA. With something like this it is so hard to see the technology in the metal can. It only becomes evident when its put into action. So check out what others have to say about […]

A can of refinishing goodness

On Saturday night a couple of weeks ago we had some friends over for dinner, conversation and games. And, as were sitting around the dining room table the mdf bottom to the seat I was sitting in busted out; this is probably because I got excited about winning and was bouncing up and down. Nonetheless, […]