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Benjamin Moore’s Product Development team has engineered a proprietary formula with the same durable, enamel-like quality ADVANCE is known to deliver – in a matte finish that appeals to both professional end-users and consumers. As a design trend, matte has gained popularity in neighboring industries such as automotive, fashion and cosmetics. With […]

Benjamin Moore Launches Scuff-X

one-component interior acrylic latex paint features superior scuff-resistance […]

Smark – The Smart Dry Erase Paint

Unleash your creativity and run wild with Smark! Dry Erase Paint. Smark! is an easy to apply clear finish that can be put over almost any surface to allow it to be written on with dry erase markers. Smark! is non-yellowing and UV resistant so it protects surfaces from fading and chalking, too.

Apply […]

Sikkens Wood Finishes to be Called PROLUXE

PPG bought the SIKKENS wood finishes line from Akzo Nobel last year and made a number of changes to the line up. The formulas didn’t change but they eliminated sample sizes and  Cetol 1 and 23 in quarts as well as all the non-VOC compliant coatings. This has been a trial for our customers […]

Super Hydrophobic Coatings

8/13/13 – NEWS – We should have access to this product in aerosol cans kits in the coming weeks! It will be 2 cans in the package consisting of the first and second coatings. Price to be determined.

As a coatings professional I’m always on the lookout for new things. Water repellents aren’t new […]

Touch Up

But whatever they used it sure looks bad now. […]

Ooo…That Smell

I had to visit a modest sized office building recently; It is just three stories with five 0r six suites per floor. Walking into the ground floor lobby I smelled the aroma of fresh latex paint.  Isn’t that a great smell? To me it smells of newness, success, renovation and gives me positive energy.  […]


Everybody needs a little help once in a while. Some days everything seems to work out just fine and other days a little something extra is all one needs to get the job done. For old folks it might be a dietary supplement that puts them right. For house paints, there is a world […]

A Solid Body Shot


Hardwood Stain Finishes

Hardwood decks are an interesting surface. The hardiness of their wood doesn’t require a maintenance coating for durability but their color will fade and turn gray with exposure. Folks pay a lot of money to try and keep their decks looking fresh but there are very few products recommended for hard woods like Mahogany, […]