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Gaco Fundamental Decking & Waterproofing

Learn how to properly address flooring issues using Gaco deck coatings. Review selection, preparation and application to take your business to the next level.
This class requires a fee to attend, please click on the ticket link to make your reservation.
This interactive one-day training class is intended for experienced waterproofing applicators who are interested in learning more about Gaco Western’s polyurethane waterproofing products.
– Learn the advantages of GacoPedestrian Deck, GacoAutoDeck, GacoQRSDeck, GacoFlex U61, GacoFlex U91 and GacoFlex LM60. The best waterproofing products in the industry.
– Gain hands-on training and tips for proper application to help ensure customer satisfaction.
This class is one part of three requirements for achieving Gaco Western Qualified Applicator status, which allows a contractor to offer labor and material warranties. For complete details, reference “GacoFlex Decking QA Program” and “GacoFlex LM60 QA Program” brochures.

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