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Before and After

I have to go address a group of young architects tomorrow. The last time a was at one of these things it wasn’t particularly motivational. it occurs to me that talking about paint is likely worse for some folks that watching it dry. Really, few people can get motivated by specifications and tech data sheets. Paint is more exciting than that right? Should visionaries focus on dry film thickness – I think NOT! They need to create impact, comfort, and mood.

First impressions make an impact.

Paint, as far as I’m concerned is a cosmetic; it sits on the surface and enhances the structure. It is not the architecture but it is what the public sees. I’m not talking Roddy McDowall in POTA, more like Malclom McDowell in A Clockwork Orange. A little face paint makes him appear either menacing or innocent. Or, if you’ve ever seen a celebrity before and after makeup you know what a big difference it can make. Google “celebrities without make up” or use this LINK to see Jessica Alba in shots that show some before and after effects. The same goes for interiors and exteriors of homes and businesses.

Likewise a building can transform dramatically using color and texture. But better yet Fresh Coat Painting in Portland has pictures of rooms where paint and paint alone has given the  the room a vastly different feel. The web is full of these kinds of picture comparisons on all kinds of building styles.

Paint has reached the technological threshold where designers and artists can conceive spectacular beauty and, with the right products, get long-term durability. Which products? Those kinds of questions come later in the process now after “What do you want it to look like?”.

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