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MINI-ROLLERS gold stripe domed foam pink poly
shed resistant frames contractor packs
Whizz pipe rollers replacement covers  
Bestt Liebco      
The speed and ease of painting with one of these min-rollers will change your mind about brushing. Domed ends can get into corners and small radius will fit behind crowded spaces such as toilets, radiators and wall units.

AllPro Woven Mini Refill

Perlon Mini Roller and Frame

Frames Included with Perlon Mini Rollers
Longer Nap Allows for Greater Paint Pick-Up
Best with Flat Paints and Stains
12" Frame, 6.5" Perlon Cover $3.74
12" Frame, 4" Perlon Cover $3.31
6.5" Perlon Cover 2pk $3.19
4" Perlon Cover, 2 pk $2.43
Domed Foam miniroller 2 pk
domed foam roller refills

Domed Foam Mini Roller and Frame

Frames included with domed foam covers
Perfect tool when painting awkward spaces
Provides smooth finish with all paints, urethanes, adhesives, varnishes, enamels, & stains
12" Frame w/ 6-1/2" Domed Foam Cover $4.02
6-1/2" Domed Foam 2pk $3.86
4" Domed Foam Replacement Cover 2pk $3.29
polyester pink mini-roller

Pink Polyester Mini Roller and Frame

Made from a Deluxe 100% High Density Polyester Fabric
Best with All Paints
23" Frame w/ 6 1/2" Pink Polyester Cover $4.50
6 1/2" Pink Polyester Replacement 2pk $4.17
6.5" shed resistant mini roller

Draylon Mini Roller and Frame

Frames included with Draylon mini roller covers
Made from synthetic Draylon Fabric
Shed resistant for a lint-free application
23" Frame w/ 6-1/2" x 3/8" Draylon Cover $4.32
6-1/2" x 3/8" Draylon Cover, 2 pk $4.26


These provide the quantity you need with a more affordable price.
4" Perlon Yellow Stripe Contractor 12pk $10.31
6 1/2" Perlon Yellow Stripe Contractor 12pk $12.90
6 1/2" Domed Foam Contractor 10pk $17.86
4" Domed Foam Contractor 10pk 10 $10.74
6 1/2" x 1/2" Pink Polyester Contractor 12pk $17.79
6 1/2" x 3/4" White Draylon Shed Resistant Contractor 12pk $19.40
Mini Frames for Mini rollersmini roller tray


PROFESSIONAL GOLD SERIES™ Soft Grip replacement frames are available in 4 sizes to fit a wide variety of uses.
12" x 4" Soft Grip Frame $1.89
23" x 6-1/2" Soft Grip Frame $2.67
7" Mini-Roller Tray 3.08

Whizz Replacement Rollers

Click here for 9" Whizz Covers top
Whizz 6" polyamide replacement roller  2 pack 6" Polyamide Yarn
replacement rollers, 2 pk
$6.55 100% European Polyamid Yarn
Best choice for flat paints, primers, stains, adhesives, and sizings
Ideal for corners, walls, closets, ceilings, siding, cupboards, shelves, and soffits
Exceptional durability with all paints
Very low splatter
Unsurpassed pick-up and delivery
Low stipple on smooth surfaces
Side Nap for application into corners
Whizz 4" Jumbo Roller Cover 6" Jumbo Roller Cover $5.93
Whizz xtrasorb 4" Xtra Sorb 2pk $4.20 EXTREME absorbency
XtraSorb rollers absorb up to 10 times the average roller.
Whizz premium sponge 4 inch roller 4" Premium Foam
replacement rollers 2 pk
$5.53 WHIZZ's Premium Sponge is well known by the contractors for providing a "spray like" job in many applications. The extreme tight celled construction provides minimum stippling and bubbling. The rounded edges eliminate a flow of paint from the ends of the tool that can produce lap marks.
Not recommended for high viscosity coatings or "hotter" solvent thinned materials.
4" Flock Roller Cover 4" Flock
replacement cover
$6.03 Ultra Low Density Flocked Painting Sponge Best Choice for Waterborne: enamels, varnishes, urethanes, and epoxies
Always the absolute smoothest finish with all sheened coatings
Ideal for doors, cupboards, shelves, jambs, window frames, and furniture

WHIZZ's Whizz Flock is commenly referred to as the "one pass painter". Perfect for high viscosity sheened coatings, our open- celled construction allows high pick-up and delivery. The rounded edges eliminates a flow of paint from the ends of the tool that can produce lap marks. Not recommended for " hotter" solvent thinned materials.
  24" Handle $5.95 Lightweight, balanced for 6" mini-rollers.
Soft touch handle for good grip and ergonomics
  13" Handle $5.03  

Bestt Liebco Roller Frames bestt liebco logo top
Short John Roller w/ Enameler
14" reach - $7.24
Longjohn Roller w/ cover Long John Roller w/ All Purpose Cover
24" reach - $7.11
All Purpose Longjohn Rollers Long john  Enameler cover Bestt Liebco Non-Bubbling Covers
All Purpose Cover
6 1/2" x 1/2" - $6.51
Enameler Cover
6 1/2" x 1/4" - $7.24
Non-Bubbling Cover
6 1/2" x 3/8" - $7.24

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