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Pint Samples of any Benjamin Moore color.

Using the ultra precision of automatic dispenser technology for the Gennex waterborne tinting system, Benjamin Moore and O-Gee Paint can offer you ALL of Benjamin Moore's extensive color selections in handy pint samples.Choose any color to be blended in the premium interior eggshell finish for exploring all your decorating options. For only $7.65 each you can have any color from the Classic Color Collection, Color Preview, Aura Affinity, Historic Colors, or America's Color Collections. Benjamin Moore's patented Gennex waterborne tints means you have exceptional color precision together with low odor, hi-hiding and fast drying painting.

Just big enough to get a better color comparison, just small enough to be affordable, Moore's color samples are just right. Put your color name or number in the box below and add to your shopping cart
Only $7.65 each!

Pint Samples

Pint samples are available only in Benjamin Moore's Sample paint program. This is a premium interior eggshell finish paint produced for color representation only and is not available in other sizes. Sheen and color may be slightly different in the final product.

Benjamin Moore's Designer Favorites Colors
Benjamin Moore has a number of other colors released through their yearly decorating trends program. These change on a yearly basis but the jars linger on. Choose from off whites to strong accents for a look that will blend with todays accessories and will endure with classic style.

2010 Dry Sage 2142-40
Gray 2121-10 Night Train 1567
Northern Air 1676 Hodley Red HC-65

Pottery Barn Colors
Nantucket Fog AC-22 Hawthorn Yellow HC-4
Moroccan Red 1309 Prescott Green HC-140

Porcelain 2113-60 Foggy Morning 2106-70

Queen's Wreath 1426 Shadow 2117-30
Morristown Cream 1241 Victorian Purple 1370

1073 Malton 1608 Ashland Slate
1263 Victoriana 1448 Frozen in Time
1011 Meadow Pink 1260 El Cajon Clay
Colors above are approximations and will very definitely appear differently on your monitor and walls.
Benjamin Moore Color Samples
Benjamin Moore's color sample jars are perfect for helping you make the right color decision. Sometimes the little chips aren't enough! The 2 ounce size is just enough to get a couple of coats at 2 square feet. There is even a removable adhesive label on the jar so you can sticker your painted samples for identification.
There are 260 colors available to select from in Benjamin Moore's most popular colors. Made in Benjamin Moore's Aquavelvet, Latex Interior Eggshell Finish.
Check the boxes for the color samples you want! - 2 oz. jars $3.95 each

OC-130 Cloud White
HC-27 Monterey White HC-174 Lancaster Whitewash
OC-9 Ballet White OC-50 November Rain
HC-89 Northampton Putty OC-16 Cedar Key

HC-95 Sag Harbor Gray HC-92 Wheeling Neutral

HC-87 Ashley Gray
AC-32 Pismo Dunes
2108-50 Silver Fox HC-76 Davenport Tan 2107-40 Driftwood HC-86 Kingsport Gray 1039 Stone House
205 Simply Irresistable HC-30 Philadelphia Cream HC-3 Greenmount Silk 2151-50 Bronzed Beige 199 Barley
2153-60 Rich Cream HC-6 Windham Cream
1067 Blonde Wood 2165-50 Pearl Harbor
OC-88 Indian White 1066 Barely Beige AC-04 Yosemite Sand OC-100 Palace White 1073 Malton

1031 Carlisle Cream HC-82 Bennington Gray 1069 Twilight Gold 1083 Beach House Beige
HC-39 Putnam Ivory 1045 Lady Finger 1116 Sepia Tan HC-44 Lenox Tan HC-43 Tyler Taupe
1046 Sandy Brown
HC-31 Waterbury Cream 2155-60 Cream Yellow HC-28 Shelburne Buff
AC-07 Adobe Beige 1052 Sea Urchin AC-05 Springfield Tan HC-21 Huntington Beige HC-20 Woodstock Tan
HC-46 Jackson Tan AC-08 Butte Rock 2162-40 Peanut Shell HC-48 Bradstreet Beige AC-09 Nugget

2021-70 Pale Straw
2018-60 Lighthouse 290 Fresh Butter
311 Squish Squash 309 Ambiance 2019-50 Lemon Drops 317 Hay Stack 312 Crowne Hill Yellow

2023-50 Lemon Meringue 340 Lightning Bug 319 Dalia 2018-50 Morning Sunshine
179 Honeywheat 187 Goldfinch HC-8 Dorset Gold HC-4 Hawthorne Yellow HC-2 Beacon Hill Damask
2159-50 Wheatfield 2153-50 Desert Tan
297 Golden Honey HC-9 Chestertown Buff
320 Amarillo 2020-40 Yellow Rain Coat 293 Showtime HC-10 Stuart Gold HC-11 Marblehead Gold
2021-30 Sunshine 171 Sweet Butter 181 Pan for Gold 2155-40 Semolina
2156-50 Asbury Sand 2161-40 Acorn Yellow 2161-30 Dark Mustard HC- 74 Valley Forge Brown 2153-10 Golden Bark
2016-50 Melon Popsicle HC-53 Hathaway Peach HC-56 Georgetown Pink Beige AC-14 Pecos Spice HC-55 Winthrop Peach
2166-50 Creamy Orange HC-52 Ansonia Peach 2166-40 Soft Pumpkin 2167-30 Harvest Moon 2168-20 Pumpkin Cream
061 Myrtle Beach
AC-12 Copper Mountain HC-51 Audobon Russet 2175-30 Rust
1224 Coyote Trail 1231 Winwood HC-71 Hasbrouck Brown
HC-72 Branchport Brown
HC-50 Georgian Brick 1204 Onodaga Clay 1302 Sweet Rosy Brown 2102-30 Pueblo Brown 1301 Spanish Red

1240 Wild Aster 2173-60 Just Peachy HC-59 Odessa Pink AC-13 Mochachino 2106-60 Soft Sand
OC-75 Pristine 050 Pink Moire 2094-50 Desert Rose HC-63 Monticello Rose 2088-50 Cool Lava
2106-50 Driftscape Tan 1243 Monet 1251 Mulberry Wine 2094-40 Soft Cranberry 2095-40 Mudslide
2087-60 Ribbon Pink 1276 Petunia Pink 1360 Misty Rose 2087-40 Autumn Red 2010-40 Coral Gables
2078-70 Pink Peony 2073-60 Pale Iris 2076-60 Dog's Ear 2076-50 Easter Pink 2085-40 Taste of Berry
2067-70 White Satin
822 Riviera Azure 2067-50 Summer Blue 1420 Softened Violet

2072-60 Beach Plum
2071-50 Amethyst Cream 1385 Cupids Dart
2069-60 Lavender Ice 1411 North Cascades 1438 Lavender Blue 1446 Dusk To Dawn 2114-40 Wet Concrete
1348 Razzle Dazzle 2075-40 Pink Raspberry 2073-40 Purple Hyancinth 2069-40 Violet Stone 2072-40 Wild Orchid
2082-40 Rosewood 1349 Pink Corsage 1344 Night Flower 1364 Vintage Claret 2083-10 Raisin Torte
1272 Princess 1341 Scarlet Rendezvous 2089-30 Pink Mix 1287 Santa Fe Pottery 1300 Tucson Red
2085-30 Gypsy Love 2081-10 Burnt Peanut Red 2008-10 Ravishing Red 1309 Moroccan Red 1315 Poppy
1267 Ruby Dusk 1379 Eggplant 2073-20 Autumn Purple 2116-20 Vintage Wine 2073-10 Dark Purple

2121-50 Iced Cube Silver

HC-169 Coventry Gray
AC-22 Nantucket Fog HC-145 Van Courtland Blue HC-159 Phillipsburg Blue 2127-40 Wolf Gray
1674 Polar Sky 1676 Northern Air 2057-60 Blue Flower
719 Hemlock
2066-70 Light Blue

801 Blue Bayou
2065-40 Utah Sky

HC-156 Van Deusen Blue
HC-151 Buckland Blue 776 Santa Monica Blue
832 Blue Heron 2061-20 Champion Cobalt
HC-153 Marlboro Blue
AC-19 Homestead Green 2052-40 Blue Spa 2052-30 Tropical Turquoise
1563 Quiet Moments HC-144 Palladian Blue
1493 Morning Dew 1494 Vale Mist
HC-140 Prescott Green

HC-114 Saybrook Sage HC-118 Sherwood Green
2149-50 Mellowed Ivory HC-1 Castelton Mist HC-115 Georgian Green 481 Dill Weed 383 Meadow View

2028-40 Pear Green 2147-40 Dill Pickle HC-128 Clearspring Green HC-126 Avon Green
2143-40 Camouflage HC-111 Nantucket Gray HC-123 Kennebunkport Green 2143-30 Olive Branch HC-110 Wethersfield Moss
HC-122 Great Barrington Green HC-130 Webster Green 567 Balsam 2138-30 Mohegan Sage HC-135 Lafayette Green

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