DIZZOLVE Paint Brush Cleaner & Conditioner

The green revolution must be turning a corner because I have seen a solvent free product that actually works at cleaning all kinds of coatings from brushes and other painting equipment. Whether you use it with oil base, shellac, lacquer, latex, or other paints, DIZZOLVE will get it out of the brush. It works quickly and leaves brushes with a conditioner that helps them to be easier to clean after use.

Brushes loaded or even hardened bristles can be soaked for a short time in DIZZOLVE, rinsed in a detergent solution and final rinsed with clean water to come out clean an supple again. DIZZOLVE can be used as a soak for spray equipment.
Dizzolve doesn’t evaporate and can be used over and over so once the sludge settles in your container, you can pour it off and reuse it.

EPA Enforces RRP Rule

The RRP Rule is part of the federal Toxic Substances Control Act is targeted toward contractors working in buildings built before 1978. Essentially it states that contractors be trained and perform techniques to reduce potential exposure to lead.

According to an article on the EPA website the EPA announced 61 enforcement actions in 2014 that led to $213,171 in civil penalties in addition to other compliance activities.  These fines do not include a settlement agreement with Lowe’s for $500.000.

Contractors that are certified under EPA’s RRP standards are encouraged to display EPA’s “Lead-Safe” logo on worker’s uniforms, signs, websites, and other material, as appropriate. Consumers can protect themselves by looking for the logo before hiring a home contractor, and by being generally aware of whether a renovator is following lead-safe work practices when working on their property. Those practices, such as what a renovator must do to minimize lead dust dispersion, are outlined in EPA’s Renovate Right
Renovators are required to give the pamphlet to property owners and occupants within 60 days before starting any renovation.

More information about these actions is available at

Stainable Primer

Renovate old furniture, walls and cabinets easily and economically with Stainable Primer. This new coating is waterbased and dries quickly so you can make over a small project or a large area quickly with professional looking results.

This product is made from real wood material so it works like wood and takes stain like wood. Great for touching up over glue joints and bits of putty before you stain, too.
Excellent results are nearly guaranteed when combined with Old Masters wood stains and clear finishes.
For more ambitious artists, CLICK HERE for our woodgraining tools

Breathing Dust?

From PAINTSQUARE comes this news about OSHA’s Proposed Rule on Occupational Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica. Silicosis is a disease that affect the lungs of workers exposed to crystalline silica such as construction workers and drywall finishers. If you have a construction company that sands drywall or cuts into masonry materials, chances are there is a lot of dust flying around in the air. If your workers doing this are not wearing particulate respirators they are breathing this dust.

You don’t have to wear uncomfortable safety equipment if you have a way to eliminate dust at its source. With the FESTOOL PLANEX 96% of the dust generated during drywall sanding is collected and bagged making the work site safer for everybody in the environment. It also saves time  and cleanup while leaving the wall ready for finishing .

FESTOOL Official Website

Introducing Festool

O-Gee is always striving to provide the best products for our customers. We also constantly push the importance of surface preparation prior to application of our high quality paints. With this in mind we introduce you to the Festool surface preparation tools. These are German made sanding machines of the highest quality with full 3 year commercial use warranties. They are designed from the get-go to be used as the most efficient dustless sanding system available. Whereas some tools have a place for a vacuum port, they all seem to be attached as an afterthought. Festool sanders are designed with dust removal from the pad through to the HEPA filtration.

The heart of the system, what makes it far superior to all the other sanders out there is its integrated dust collection. The Festool Clean Technology dust extractors are the best on the market. These are not mere shop-vacs, they are fully certified HEPA systems using 1 micron bags and 0.3 micron air filters. Moving 130+ cfm of air when turned up all the way, they can capture more dust than any other vac system. These are the only systems certified under RRP rules for lead dust.

Even if lead is not an issue, having a clean working area instead of a breathing in a bunch of dust flying around makes the work more enjoyable. Also, the airflow keeps the machines cleaner and cooler resulting in longer abrasive life and less tool marks. The vacuuming as you’re working means you can see what you’re doing, the surface is never obscured and, in fact, production speeds up because the surface is immediately ready to be wiped with a tack rag.

Next time I’ll write a bit more about the sanders, they are terrific.

The number of additional features on the extractors are amazing: compact, low centerof gravity,  4-wheel stability, grounded anti-static crush proof  hoses, variable speed motors, automatic operation with the tool, can be used as a wet vac, and more. One of the more is the Festool stacking organizers, called Systainers, mount to the top of the extractor so all the tools can be efficiently transported to and from the job site. The Systainers come with every tool or can be bought separately with optional inserts for keeping tools and hardware neatly organized. I have a bunch of tools that are just loose on a shelf or came in the box from the manufacturer, none of these match the others and the plastic is slippery. Instead of stacking together they slide around and, if I need more than what I can carry in my hands, it means multiple trips. The systainers are great for other tools and sundries as well. And, even when they aren’t filled with a Festool product they can help contractors with keeping things neat, organized and efficient. Festool also has a rolling cart or hand truck that lock on the Systainers if you need additional mobility.

SmartRoof 100% Silicone Roof Coating

SmartRoof is a high performance system for roof restoration and waterproofing. These products are 100 % silicone based and, unlike common acrylic roof coatings, will not chalk and can withstand ponding water for extensive periods. SmartRoof will adhere over a variety of roof surfaces and is applied by roller, brush squeegee or spray. The preferred product is a single component 1-coat system formulated for applications up to  80 mils thick. It is ideal for aged roof surfaces and can be applied over Torch-down • Metal • Modified Bitumen • Smooth Built Up • Coated Roof • Aged Asphalt • Granulated Cap Sheet • Aged PVC • Aged TPO • Aged EPDM • Concrete • SPF

The SmartRoof system includes a Seam Repair and Sealant for tough yet flexible patching over seams, flashing, fasteners, drains and other repair areas. The Repair Product is applied by brush or trowel over the necessary places.

SmartRoof is approved by Miami-Dade County and is eligible for Florida Power & Light Roof Savings Program. SmartRoof is made by the WDG Group and has a 50 year warranty when applied according to manufacturer instructions.

Play Bendoku


Benjamin Moore’s Free Mobile Puzzle Color Game

Become a color expert! Test your color skills by arranging colors from Benjamin Moore’s Williamsburg®, Affinity® andColor Preview® paint color systems. Bendoku is a mix of sudoku, crossword puzzles, flow, and color all mixed into one! It is based on color principles and exercises taught in art schools around the world. Players complete levels by moving paint color chips onto a puzzle board completing blends from one color to another. To get to the next level, a player fills in the empty squares from the palette to create smooth sequences of colors both horizontally and vertically.

  • 250 levels of fun
  • Share colors and color expertise on Facebook and Twitter
  • Download for Free
  • Based on the popular game Blendoku, created by Lonely Few, LLC. Blendoku is a world wide sensation that has received five stars on the Google Play store and has over three million downloads to date.
  • Available on iTunes, Google Play and Kindle

Take the Bendoku challenge! Don’t miss out on the fun

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End Rot Wood Repair by System 3

Wood outdoors in in Miami needs good protection to keep it from damage. There are a lot of different ways to try to protect wood, but eventually nature takes its toll. On some pieces,  a stair tread on a deck for instance, it may be best to just replace the bad item. Some things are much more difficult to replace. Som items may be carved wood that would be very difficult to find a suitable placement. And sometimes it just isn’t cost effective to replace some wood pieces.

When we worked on a historical building with wood windows a couple of years ago the cost of replacing the windows was much more expensive than stripping and repairing the existing ones. That and the historical aspects of the building made a number of demands to keep the building historically accurate.

We now have a new rot repair system from System Three that goes beyond what we had then. The End Rot system is a complete wood repair and restoration kit that includes borate fungicides for long term rot control. Also in the box is a 2-part epoxy consolidant and epoxy based weatherproof wood putty to fill and fix damage to the wood surface.  System Three has a video to show off their excellent products

This and other exterior wood repair products can be found HERE

Graco Revises Sprayer Line-up for 2014

COMING IN APRIL, Graco has split their piston pumps into 3 catagories: the Standard, ProContractor, and IronMan series. Fitted out with and increasing number of features, these new models will offer contractors different levels of ruggedness and pricing. Except for the naming, nearly all electric and gas models have undergone revision in the 2014 line up. The look of the drive housing is the first thing you’ll notice. Other features such as the Smart Control 3.0 won’t be as noticeable until you crank one up.

Right now, until Jun 30th, 2014 , Graco has a consumer coupon going on where you can get FREE TIPS when you purchase a new sprayer. The offer is for older models as well. Preorders are being stacked up so if you want one of the latest models get in line now!

Models include Ultra, Ultra Max II, GMAX II, GH series, Linestripers and Finish Pro sprayers.

The Standard Series is designed for small residential and repainting contractors and comes fitted with they come outfitted with:

Advantage™ Drive System – runs quiet and is guaranteed for life
SmartControl™ 3.0 Pressure Control – delivers a consistent spray fan without pressure fluctuations, while the ProGuard™ Sprayer Protection System guards against bad or extreme jobsite power conditions
Endurance™ Pump – lasts twice as long as the next leading brand
MaxPower Brushless DC Motor – guaranteed for life (electric models)
Honda Engines – delivers contractor preferred reliability (gas models)
Rugged Cart Design – chrome over steel for years of durability
Easy Out™ Pump Filter – less mess when changing or cleaning the filter
Heavy-Duty Prime Valve – maintenance-free design withstands high pressure dumping

The ProContractor Series is built with features that enable contractors to work more efficiently and get in, out, and on to the next job site faster, ProContractor sprayers have all Standard Series features, plus:

QuikReel™ Hose Reel – spool up to 300 ft of hose quickly without twists, kinks or coils
Ready To Spray – a total of 100 ft of hose and gun already installed
ProConnect™ 2 Pump Installation and Removal System – change out the pump for a spare in seconds using no tools; keeps the sprayer on the jobsite, not in the shop
LED Display – bright easy-to-read screen shows pressure, job/lifetime/gallon counter and self diagnostics
FastFlush™ Pump Cleaning System – cleans the unit up to four times faster using only half the water
WatchDog™ Pump Protection System – prevents pump damage when paint runs out or a hose breaks
On-Board Toolbox – save time by never again searching for tips, filters, and tools

The IronMan Series is designed for the contractor who routinely tackles large commercial and industrial jobs in extremely challenging environments. IronMan sprayers include:

MaxLife Extreme Duty Pump – runs six times longer between repacks
Ceramic and Stainless Steel Ball Sets – provides maximum versatility no matter the material you’re spraying
ProConnect 2 Pump Installation and Removal System – change out the pump for a spare in seconds using no tools; keeps the sprayer on the jobsite, not in the shop
Roll Cage Frame – withstands rugged environments and protects critical components
LED Display – bright easy-to-read screen shows pressure, job/lifetime/gallon counter and self diagnostics
Flat-Proof Tires – roll through the worst jobsite debris without ever going flat
FastFlush Pump Cleaning System – cleans the unit up to four times faster using only half the water
WatchDog – Pump Protection System prevents pump damage when paint runs out or a hose breaks
Additional 50 ft of Hose – work farther away from the sprayer when needed