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TITAN Get Ahead with RED

Get FREE merchandise with your purchase of a new TITAN paint sprayer. Titan has a new sales promotion going on until May 31st, 2019.

With the new Titan THOR promo website you can see the current promo flyer and access the redemption form. You can also track any rewards that you are due.

All styles of sprayers are included in this reward event including electric, gasoline and pneumatic powered sprayers, line stripers and fine finish sprayers. If you buy an airless RX spray gun you can even claim a free tip or two. The promotion ends May 31st, 2019.

Festool In Stock

The Wall of Festool

Come to O-Gee Paint for Festool. As a paint store we stock their amazing dust-free sanders plus all the adapters, pads and sandpapers. To be dust free means having each of the vacuum extractors, of course. But we also keep on hand many of their other tools including circular saws, tracks, drills, jigsaws, and joiners. We also keep a supply of filter bags, hoses, domino biscuits, saw blades and drill bits. There is much more to see here as well.

Festool has sanders for every need and sandpaper that ranges from 24 to 4000 and polishing materials to take your finish to an ultra-high gloss with up to an 11000 grit polishing compound.

Made in Germany, Festool tools are high precision and superb quality for the woodworker who expects the utmost in performance and control. The Festool System connect all their tools to dust extraction for unprecedented cleanliness while working. All the tools and batteries are backed by a 3-Year warranty and come with 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Make Spray Cans Any Color

Touch ups are now easier than ever! Use your same paint, stain, primer varnish, or enamel right out of a custom spray can. No need for expensive spray machines that need cleaning and maintenance. No mixing in solvents and poring into tiny jars so they can clog. completely portable in one hand with no hoses or power cords. We can fill lacquer, oil or water base paints including flat, eggshell, gloss and metallic finishes.

At our Bird Road location we can now fill spray cans in any color or sheen with our new ALLPRO spray can filling station. We can make as many as you need directly from the paints you are using now.

Easily spray bonding primers for small spot priming. Spray apply quick dry varnish without brush strokes onto complex shapes or feather out stains for blending into existing finishes. Spray window frames exactly like the walls. Perfect for small projects and punch-out.

Fine Paints of Europe

Fine Paints of Europe have come to O-Gee Paint.

A gloss that reflects your personality

Available at our Bird Road location, these paints are made to exacting standards in Holland to provide an ultimate in appearance and durability. With 10000 colors between their many fandecks, the richness that can be achieved is remarkable.
Fine Paints of Europe has oil-base, acrylic and hybrid coatings in multiple sheens. Also available is an amazing marine varnish and interior polyurethane as well as tintable primers and grain filling Swedish Putty.
To get these incredible looks take a lot of preparation and attention to detail. A finishing painter will appreciate the quality and ease of application that comes with these paints.



Benjamin Moore’s Product Development team has engineered a proprietary formula with the same durable, enamel-like quality ADVANCE is known to deliver – in a matte finish that appeals to both professional end-users and consumers. As a design trend, matte has gained popularity in neighboring industries such as automotive, fashion and cosmetics. With our finger on the pulse of these trends, Benjamin Moore remains committed to maintaining our position as the leader in premium paint and coatings by anticipating and responding to customer needs.

Ideal for interior walls, cabinets and woodwork, ADVANCE Matte provides a level 5 finish with an elegant, sophisticated look. It comes in a full assortment of colors: 01 white, 80 black and all bases.

Benjamin Moore Launches Scuff-X

 Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X™ is Here

SCUFF-X™ is a revolutionary new product designed specifically for high traffic, public environments such as hallways, stairwells, and lobbies. This high-performance, one-component interior acrylic latex paint features superior scuff-resistance and washability without the strong odor, pre-mixing, short pot-life and application difficulties.
Get more info about Scuff-X web page here

Smark – The Smart Dry Erase Paint

Unleash your creativity and run wild with Smark! Dry Erase Paint. Smark! is an easy to apply clear finish that can be put over almost any surface to allow it to be written on with dry erase markers. Smark! is non-yellowing and UV resistant so it protects surfaces from fading and chalking, too.

Apply Smark! over walls, desktops or other hard surfaces in conference rooms, schools, idea rooms and other creative spaces allowing the ability to shares ideas quickly with peers. Use it to leave reminders and messages or express your creativity during meetings.

Available in 3 kit sizes 50, 100 and 200 square foot coverage amounts including a special roller and mixing stick to blend the 2 components. You’ll also need some additional tools including paint brush, gloves, roller frame, masking tap and sanding block. You can watch the how to video HERE

Smark! 100 sq ft kit

Smark! Dry Erase Paint comes in 3 sizes.

Wallpaper In Stock Now

O-Gee now has over a hundred wallpaper patterns in stock and ready to go at the Bird Road location.  We have partnered up with Ontario Wallcoverings to bring our customers a selection of current and popular value priced offerings. Ranging from $20 to $120 per bolt there is a price point to please everyone.  Choose from silken textures, vinyls, reflective glass bead designs, reclaimed wood and brick, geometrics, stripes, florals, metallic finishes and luxurious woven grass cloth.

If you can’t find just the pattern you desire, be sure to make some time to browse through our collection of hundreds of books. Book plans with the major wallcovering suppliers means you have the latest designs and fashions to decorate your home. Choose from multiple colorways and complimentary fabrics from select designers offered only in the books. Designer books include elegant patterns by Phillip Jeffries, Ronald Redding, Candice Olsen, Kenneth James and others.

Professionals will appreciate our selection of wallpaper tools for hanging or removing existing wallpaper. Made in the USA by Advance Equipment, the seam-rollers and cutting tools are best of class. Smoothing brushes by Corona Brush provide three distinct levels of stiffness to gently lay out all types of paper or fabric. Even though we have prepasted products, we carry wallpaper primers and pastes for those that need adhesive.

When you discover the beauty of wallpaper patterns and the variety of textures available you’ll find a treasure of beauty that cannot be matched with other products. Come in to see our selection and let us know which ones are your favorites.

Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint

bungalow-47Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint is a water based paint made for painting and re-purposing old items such as furniture and crafts. It adheres to most surfaces such as wood, metal and stone. Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint dries fast and is available in 47 designer colors. Worn and aged appearances can be given new life and updated style with these lush colors.

Bungalow 47’s website and Facebook pages have a wealth of creative, fun ideas for unleashing your imagination. They also have popular pinterest and Instagram sites with lots of pictures of  tables, dressers and chairs as well as walls, cabinetry, signs and more.

Along with the quarts of Bungalow 47 furniture paint there is also clear primer and clear finish for prepping and protecting your new surfaces. See them here  We also stock all the other things you’ll need including brushes, sandpaper, wax, and the complete list of painting sundries to make your project a success.



Cutek Extreme is Good for Wood

Cutek Extreme is a clear synthetic High Performance Wood Oil manufactured in Australia and now imported to the USA. It has proven itself for over 30 years in Australia as an excellent wood stabilizer and preservative as well as a decorative stain. Based on copper technology, Cutek Extreme offers enhanced protection on all exterior wood surfaces including decking, fences, beams, plywood, engineered wood, and furniture.  It was a top pick in Professional Deck Builder Magazine.   Click to download a copy of the article.

Cutek works by diffusing deep into wood where it prevents the moisture cycling of swelling and shrinking. The copper component acts as an effective biocide to prevent rot and decay.  This picture below shows two planks of southern yellow pine with only six months of exposure. The top piece is untreated and the bottom has 2 coats of Cutek Extreme Clear.


Surfaces treated with the clear will silver with exposure. To prevent this effect add a container of Colourtone to the gallon. These are transoxide pigments for long lasting color retention.

Cutek Colourtones

Make a long lasting stain with Colourtones

It is recommended that a coat of Cutek be applied prior to assembly and another coat added afterward. Unlike many linseed oil based stains, multiple coats are encouraged, especially on thick cuts. Cutek Extreme has a cumulative effect on wood and the more product absorbed, the longer it will last. It doesn’t form a surface film so there is nothing to peel off as with a paint or varnish. Maintenance coats are easy as well.cutekdiffusesSuccessful coating of hardwoods in exterior applications utilizes penetrating oil stain type finishes. Cutek’s penetrating finish is especially recommended for hard woods like Ipe and Cumaru. These exotic hardwoods have a nearly impenetrable hard surface and the oil contained in the cells prevents good penetration by most stains. There are only a few products on the market that are compatible with these surface conditions. Film forming products such as varnishes and paints will usually peel off.

Preparation is simple, the wood should be clean and dry without other coatings or sealers on the surface. Sanded wood will absorb Cutek faster but it isn’t necessary. Cutek is easy to apply with any type of applicator.  It can be applied to fresh cut wood without waiting, drying or seasoning. It doesn’t need to be wiped off like other oils but the colors should be applied evenly for appearances sake. For thick cuts apply clear first then color coats unless you want deeper tones and more sun protection.