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Epoxy Floor Coating Problem Solving Guide by Simiron

Simiron, makers of RokRezPro epoxy floor coating has put together a nice guide for learning how to recognize and treat common epoxy floor issues . Download for HERE

Epoxy Floor Coating Problem Solving Guide topics include

  • Color Differential,
  • Fish Eye
  • Milky or Cloudy Coatings
  • Orange Peel
  • Peeling or Delamination
  • Delamination between Coats
  • Pinholes/Bubbling
  • Product Settling
  • Not Drying/Slow
  • Stains/Tire Marks
  • Sticky or Uncured Coating
  • Uneven Flake/Chip Application
  • Yellowing

New Tools for December Festool TXS Drill & Installer Set

Festool is coming out with some new tools this December. Included is the new TXS compact 10.8v drill driver and a limited time Centrotec installer kit. Like the CXS drill and all Festool products, the quality is top notch. The TXS drill is a new iteration of their CXS drill with a traditional T handle design. Advanced features like LED illumination, fuel gauge, bit storage, and removable & reversible belt clip offer everything you expect from a full-sized drill in a compact package weighing in at less than 2 lbs. The TXS is available as a basic unit or set that includes the right angle chuck.

The Festool Centrotec® System is the standard-bearer for problem-solving, precision drilling/driving solutions. This all-new 89-piece version features Robertson-style square-drive, all-new imperial brad point drill bits, socket adapters and much more.

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore has picked their Color of the Year for 2016.

Simply White, OC-117 is a color to begin a conversation about the other colors that make up our environment. Their team of designers spent months looking over the design trends of the near future and were presented with white wherever they looked. As the contrast or as the primary color, white is simply the color of the year.

A Quick Video of NEW Festool Sanders

Festool has some really high tech new random orbit sanders coming out October first. These are a new design with brushless motors, smart electronics and improved ergonomics. Get a glance with this video released in the UK.


Come see them in and try them out September 24th at the Bird Road Pro Show! from 10-2. With Festool your hands will be clean enough to grab some lunch.


Snack for a Great Cause

20150716_154441[1] Did you know you can help me earn my own way in Scouting? My unit is participating in the Trail’s End fundraiser so that we can have an awesome Scouting experience this year. The money earned from this fundraiser helps pay for field trips, camping and adventure outings. I’ll also benefit by making new friends, and learning to live the Scout law.

To help me have an awesome Scouting experience, please consider making a purchase on my behalf by clicking my picture. There are delicious snacks to choose from, and 70% of your purchase will automatically be credited to me and my Boy Scout Council.

Thanks for your support,

James S

Pro-Luxe $8 Rebate

Sikkens Cetol line of exterior wood finishes, now known as Pro-Luxe by PPG, is offering up an eight dollar per gallon rebate on up to 10 gallons of any of their gorgeous finishes. The automotive grade transoxide pigments are long lasting and the binder is more flexible than traditional varnishes making for a best in class finishes.

This is a mail in rebate offer. Pick up your coupon at time of purchase
Rebate purchase dates from August 15 – September 26, 2015

Siding, Rails, Decks
Door & Windows

New Products for Summer 2015

There have been a raft of new products floated in our direction lately. Mostly it adds to an already impressive product lines to allow us to offer items for areas we have not been able to address in the past.

FESTOOL – Festool has expanded their cordless tools to include not only a new suite of drills and hammer drills but also track saws and jigsaws. They have introduced 3 tier marketing to better fit new and existing customers. All these new products such as the TSC 55 Track saw come either bare, with battery and charger, or with the battery and track. It has all the features of the plug-in models but battery driven for even greater ease of use and portability. And, it comes with a dust bag if your work site doesn’t have a place to plug in your extractor.
Festool has also added some interesting things to round out the Dust Extraction System. Using the power of the vacuum, they have a device the sucks to the wall to help hold things up. In the drill department they have a dust extractor extension that holds to the wall and sucks away any dust created while drilling, very handy when working with masonry surfaces. Festool will be here the morning of August 11 to do a demo of their surface prep tools.

GACO WESTERN – Gaco has added to their roof coatings line by adding a new floor coating system. Their new 2-part urethane decking systems are heavy duty for critical applications where long term durability is required in a non slip coating. This is perfect for commercial walkways and stairs where low maintenance is important. It is durable enough for vehicle traffic as well. Available in 4 colors.

SIMIRON – Simiron is the maker of our popular 100% solids epoxy ROKREZPRO line of floor epoxy. Superior ease of use due to its long open time make ROKREZPRO easy enough for contractors familiar with epoxy coatings. Coming out is a series of masonry primers and clear finishes to support the epoxy lines. In addition to vinyl paint chips and metallic pigments for the epoxy, they have a number of other products as well including a clear protective barrier coating known as CERAFIN. This is a 2-part non-yellowing clear gloss used as a graffiti barrier or anti-corrosive over metals. CERAFIN is now available in satin finish for better appearance without sacrificing its barrier properties.
We have assembled a number of products to support these new items so you can get what you need to do the job right here at O-Gee.

Come into the stores and talk to our guys about how these new products can help you and your clients.


Buy a qualifying sprayer and get bonus accessories.
In the market for an new sprayer? If so you would do well to consider Titan’s reliable, affordable paint sprayers. Now you can get more than you’re paying for by registering your new sprayer and picking bonus accessories.
Check out our selection of Titan sprayers HERE
Download your own Titan Rewards coupon HERE

Titan has relaunched their sprayer lines by eliminating the Advantage series of sprayers and introducing the new Impact 340. Also coming into the line are the new PowrCoat line of air powered sprayers. rewards2015

Sikkens Wood Finishes to be Called PROLUXE

PPG bought the SIKKENS wood finishes line from Akzo Nobel last year and made a number of changes to the line up. The formulas didn’t change but they eliminated sample sizes and  Cetol 1 and 23 in quarts as well as all the non-VOC compliant coatings. This has been a trial for our customers to reorient to the new sizes. I was just at a paint show where PPG has clarified that they are under obligation to change the NAME from SIKKENS which, going forward, will be aligned solely with automotive finishes.

PPG has selected the name SIKKENS PROLUXE and I understand will further transition to just PROLUXE. As of this time they have not changed the formulas even though the cans will soon bear the PROLUXE labels.

DIZZOLVE Paint Brush Cleaner & Conditioner

The green revolution must be turning a corner because I have seen a solvent free product that actually works at cleaning all kinds of coatings from brushes and other painting equipment. Whether you use it with oil base, shellac, lacquer, latex, or other paints, DIZZOLVE will get it out of the brush. It works quickly and leaves brushes with a conditioner that helps them to be easier to clean after use.

Brushes loaded or even hardened bristles can be soaked for a short time in DIZZOLVE, rinsed in a detergent solution and final rinsed with clean water to come out clean an supple again. DIZZOLVE can be used as a soak for spray equipment.
Dizzolve doesn’t evaporate and can be used over and over so once the sludge settles in your container, you can pour it off and reuse it.