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Bungalow 47 Chalk Paint

bungalow-47Bungalow 47 Chalk Paint is a water based paint made for painting and re-purposing old items such as furniture and crafts. It adheres to most surfaces such as wood, metal and stone. Bungalow 47 Chalk Paint dries fast and is available in 47 designer colors. Worn and aged appearances can be given new life and updated style with these lush colors.

Bungalow 47’s website and Facebook pages have a wealth of creative, fun ideas for unleashing your imagination. They also have popular pinterest and Instagram sites with lots of pictures of  tables, dressers and chairs as well as walls, cabinetry, signs and more.

Along with the quarts of Bungalow 47 chalk paint there is also clear primer and clear finish for prepping and protecting your new surfaces. See them here  We also stock all the other things you’ll need including brushes, sandpaper, wax, and the complete list of painting sundries to make your project a success.

Pro 5 Ltd Sander now only $99.00


Available November 1st, Festool introduces their new 5″ random orbit sander.

The new PRO 5 LTD is an improved version of the former ETS 125 EQ with the following attributes:

More powerful motor – now with MMC Electronics and 250 watts – a 25% increase
Improved ergonomics – rubberized grip textured surfaces
Robust power switch – longer lifecycle with greater ease-of-use
Interlocking dust port – works with latest generation of CT Connector for improved retention
JetStream Dust Extraction – capture the dust as it is made

With an introductory price of $99.00 its time you tried Festool.


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Both companies have some great rewards for their customers to help complement a new paint sprayer. Graco’s rewards program is ending on August 31, 2016 so you need to move quickly before time runs out.

Titan’s Red Handed Rewards promo is going on until January of 2017 so there is plenty of time if you are planning for a purchase in the near future.

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Cutek Extreme is Good for Wood

Cutek Extreme is a clear synthetic High Performance Wood Oil manufactured in Australia and now imported to the USA. It has proven itself for over 30 years in Australia as an excellent wood stabilizer and preservative as well as a decorative stain. Based on copper technology, Cutek Extreme offers enhanced protection on all exterior wood surfaces including decking, fences, beams, plywood, engineered wood, and furniture.  It was a top pick in Professional Deck Builder Magazine.   Click to download a copy of the article.

Cutek works by diffusing deep into wood where it prevents the moisture cycling of swelling and shrinking. The copper component acts as an effective biocide to prevent rot and decay.  This picture below shows two planks of southern yellow pine with only six months of exposure. The top piece is untreated and the bottom has 2 coats of Cutek Extreme Clear.


Surfaces treated with the clear will silver with exposure. To prevent this effect add a container of Colourtone to the gallon. These are transoxide pigments for long lasting color retention.

Cutek Colourtones

Make a long lasting stain with Colourtones

It is recommended that a coat of Cutek be applied prior to assembly and another coat added afterward. Unlike many linseed oil based stains, multiple coats are encouraged, especially on thick cuts. Cutek Extreme has a cumulative effect on wood and the more product absorbed, the longer it will last. It doesn’t form a surface film so there is nothing to peel off as with a paint or varnish. Maintenance coats are easy as well.cutekdiffusesSuccessful coating of hardwoods in exterior applications utilizes penetrating oil stain type finishes. Cutek’s penetrating finish is especially recommended for hard woods like Ipe and Cumaru. These exotic hardwoods have a nearly impenetrable hard surface and the oil contained in the cells prevents good penetration by most stains. There are only a few products on the market that are compatible with these surface conditions. Film forming products such as varnishes and paints will usually peel off.

Preparation is simple, the wood should be clean and dry without other coatings or sealers on the surface. Sanded wood will absorb Cutek faster but it isn’t necessary. Cutek is easy to apply with any type of applicator.  It can be applied to fresh cut wood without waiting, drying or seasoning. It doesn’t need to be wiped off like other oils but the colors should be applied evenly for appearances sake. For thick cuts apply clear first then color coats unless you want deeper tones and more sun protection.

Ben Moore Stain on TV

Here’s a very watchable video about prepping and staining exterior wood decks.
Sharon Grech and Cityline show prep products and talk about how to stain wood right.

Save 15% instantly on CT Dust Extractors

ct-mini-hepa-dust-extractor-583360-1Explore our line of qualifying CT Dust Extractors:


Save 15% on CT Dust Extractors and related accessories

Dust extractors are the center of the Festool system. In addition to being essential for storage and mobility, our advanced dust extraction will save your health and time. Most of our CT Dust Extractors have full unit HEPA certification, meaning that you can trust them to keep your air and work area clean.

Between May 1 and June 30, you will save 15% on all CT Dust Extractors and related accessories and consumables (excluding the new CT SYS).

Talk to your preferred Festool dealer about taking advantage of this limited-time opportunity!


Festool has come up with a walkabout vac that is fully HEPA certified. Easy to transport, it connects into the standard systainer footprint making it the easily fit in within the system. Capacity is only about 3 liters so it fits perfectly for touch up sanding and final cleanup.

Is it still paint?

Benjamin Moore’s paints question the assumptions consumers have about house paints. With new technology comes new features and benefits that were not possible 10 or 20 years ago. It is still paint, it just isn’t the paint you remember.

Graco Safety Alert

Graco has issued a safety alert for their 18v Slimline batteries found on their cordless handheld sprayers.The batteries can over heat resulting in melting, fire or explosion.

This recall is only for the 16G610 battery model for the TrueCoat Pro Fine Finish (16h240), ProShot Fine Finish (16F887), and SlimLine Battery Kit from March 2011 – March 2015.

Call 1-844-241-9499 option 1 between 7:30 am – 5:30 pm CST along with your part number and serial number. If your batteries are affected you will be shipped a replacement at no charge.

Please dispose of old batteries in accordance with local regulations or visit for a recycling center.

Epoxy Floor Coating Problem Solving Guide by Simiron

Simiron, makers of RokRezPro epoxy floor coating has put together a nice guide for learning how to recognize and treat common epoxy floor issues . Download for HERE

Epoxy Floor Coating Problem Solving Guide topics include

  • Color Differential,
  • Fish Eye
  • Milky or Cloudy Coatings
  • Orange Peel
  • Peeling or Delamination
  • Delamination between Coats
  • Pinholes/Bubbling
  • Product Settling
  • Not Drying/Slow
  • Stains/Tire Marks
  • Sticky or Uncured Coating
  • Uneven Flake/Chip Application
  • Yellowing